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5 Top Tips For Filming Ski & Snowboard Edits

We’ve all put together a ski film of our holiday footage – all jager-soaked headcam footage, maybe some pole-mount face shots if you’re lucky. Add in generic electronica or hip-hop and you’ve got yourself some heat. But how do the professionals do it?

Ross Welch of Perspective Studios gives us his top 5 tips for putting together a quality edit and if you’re wondering why you should listen to him? Well……..

1. Choose your equipment

This seems like the obvious place to start! You don’t need fancy cameras to make a good edit, just grab what you have and get filming! If Steven Spielberg made a movie with his phone, I’m sure it would still be one of the best films you’ve seen. You can pick up second hand cameras cheap, if you don’t have access to one or even an action cam is a good place to get started.

2.Mix it up!

Angles! Move around and get a variety of shots, long range, close up and maybe even follow cam if you feel up to it. Remember the audience wants to feel like they are there so don’t be scared about trying out super tight shots.

Jamie Nicholls Snowboard Powder

3. Filler, the new killer

Filler can really be the difference between a good edit and a bad one. Keep your initial idea in mind and with that inspiration find the filler to match. If you’re going for a cinematic feel, look around at the environment, trees, snow, animals etc. If you want a more edgy skate vibe, then choppy quick pans of your subject could work.

At this point you probably don’t know if you’ve got enough shots for a full length edit, so capturing some nice filler when you get a chance can really be your saving grace!

Ski Film Filler

4. Short & Sweet

Editing time! There was an article published recently that said “there has never been so much about so little.” And it couldn’t be more true. Most people don’t want to sit there and watch an edit for 5 minutes so keep it short. You should be aiming around 1-3 minutes and remember quality over quantity. Be brutal and if the shot doesn’t fit, or if its ‘average,’ take it out – it will only affect the overall impression.

Ski Film Filler 2

5. Don’t place yourself in a box

Be creative, do what pleases you and don’t be afraid to try new techniques/ideas. If it doesn’t work you can always edit>undo.

EXPORT. Job done!

And the results?

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