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5 Ways To Spend Your Summer If You Live For Ski Seasons

It’s blazing hot, the snow has turned to brown slush or gone and the lifts have shut one by one until just the ones for the walkers are open…… It’s time to accept that summer has come and we must accept that all good ski seasons must come to an end……..at least for a few months.

But what is there to do in the summer that can keep your craving for snow at bay? (that’s not a euphemism)

Hit the domes


The UK is blessed with a HUGE amount of domes and dryslopes which, whilst not as forgiving on your landings, may help tide you over for the coming winter. Hemel, MK, Tamworth, Glasgow, Castleford, Chill Factore, Stoke, Welwyn, Halifax, Gloucester, Dorset, Truro (soon) and many more run events, jams and freestyle nights throughout the summer to keep you entertained. For the more adventurous, nip over to Holland to Zoetermeer or Landgraaf for the world’s biggest indoor ski slope.


European high-altitude resorts & summer snow

Pack your board/skis, sunglasses, shorts and sunscreen, wax up your stick(s), cram a couple of friends into the car and take a road-trip to any of the really, really high places of northern Europe. Half of them run summer camps so it’s a great time to progress as well!

Why? Slush and morning skiing/boarding, afternoon skate, hike and climb, BBQs, jump in the lake, halfpipes and chill annnnnnd sleep and repeat. These are days you can get on the mountain in your shorts and t-shirt (wear sunscreen kids), learn some new tricks on the more forgiving slush and catch a tan. Or, you know, get full on British toasty.

Wear sunscreen

There are few better ways to sate your appetite for snow than summer skiing! From L2A and Tignes to the glaciers in Zermat and Saas-Fee, over to the Austrian set of Kaunertal, Kaprun, Stubai, Hintertux and Dachstein or if you’re feeling really adventurous – Folgefonna Glacier in Norway is open from April well into the summer – basically, there’s no shortage!

Southern hemisphere!

If you’ve got the budget, then the Southern Hemisphere offers a plethora of options for you.

If you’re looking for an Antipodean Adventure then hit Cardrona or Coronet Peak in NZ or  Perisher in Oz. New Zealand is home to some of the worlds most beautiful scenery and Queenstown is the extreme sports capital of the world – you won’t have any shortage of things to do if you make your base there. Perisher on the other hand is the southern hemisphere’s largest ski resort and runs from June to October. You’re likely to see a huge amount of the pros out there over the northern hemi-summer dialling in their tricks for the competition season ahead.

Pucon Boarding

If steak, powder bowls and practicing your GCSE Spanish are more your thing, go big with the multitude of resorts in Chile and Argentina – Cerro Bayo, Chapelco, Las Lenas, Pucon,  Valdivia, Valle Nevado, Portillo – the list goes on.  We’ll be doing a run down of the South America resorts in the near future so keep your eye open for it however Powderhounds have great breakdowns of every resort and the surrounding areas.

Learn to surf/skate/wakeboard

giphy (1)

That is to say if you can’t already – Portugal, Cornwall, France, the Basque region, Ireland, Scotland – we’re surrounded by amazing locations to go surfing and wakeboarding but if you want to keep it simple, you can always longboard down to the shops a’la Jamie Anderson! We all know you’re jibbing off everything you see anyway – nice little 3 off that curb by the way.

Slum it………or not.

You know you’re going back in December anyway so dig in and get a job at your local Wetherspoons or indoor pool, maybe do something a bit more fun like sign up to Seed Staff and spend your summer working your way around the festival circuit. OR if you’re super-fancy, as I know some people who’ve done this, do a summer season in the south of France working on the boats of the rich and famous!



Wrap yourself up in your blanket, dive head first into Netflix and wait until this all blows over.



……………or do like we did and start a clothing brand!

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