The 4 of us met on our ski season in Meribel, France in the winter of 2012/13 and spent 5 of the best months of our lives together – shredding on perfect bluebird days, trying to land a new rail trick (or a box for the more faint-hearted……Ben), catching edges and knocking ourselves out, desperately trying to get the smell of toffee vodka out of our hands and generally being quite disgraceful human beings.

What we shared was the love of strapping on a board or stepping into our bindings, looking at a mountain and seeing the unlimited possibilities.

When we came back from the mountains, one by one, we all ended up behind a desk. We spoke to each other every day, trying to to come up with ways we could make our lives a little more like our season Wednesdays.

And so the Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club came to fruition. We’re a group of skiers and boarders with very different styles but we’re friends first and when you’re out on the mountain, that’s all that matters. We’re committed to simple designs, clean lines and having as much fun as possible whether it be on a snowboard or on skis.


The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club exist to create high quality garments that look great on the mountain, in the dome and on the street. We’re all about getting out there and having fun with friends, skier and snowboarder alike. By supporting us, you’re supporting the snowsports industry and the hard working people that make it the fantastic lifestyle that it is.


About WMBC Clothing


I only started boarding in 2012 when I did a ‘Learn in one day’ at MK Snowdome. Went on my Uni ski trip to Tignes a few months later, was seriously bitten by the bug and followed up with a ski season in Meribel 12/13 where I met the WMBC guys…

About WMBC Clothing


I started skiing when I was just 5 years old and have been hooked ever since. One week a year was never enough and after seeing my brother up sticks and move to Canada I knew I had to be out there as well…

About WMBC Clothing


I started skiing when I was about 7 years old, going on ski holidays with my family. As most people do, I was hooked on the sport and being in the mountains from the off. When I finished my A-levels, I went straight off to do my first ski season in Obergurgl, a small resort in Austria…

About WMBC Clothing


I’ve skied for around ten years including two seasons in Meribel, one in Scotland and one in Japan. My main focus is teaching adaptive skiing, however the enjoyment for me is in the lifestyle ,not just the skiing itself; the people, the gear, the mountains…..