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If you’ve watched any of GB Park & Pipe’s edits, any of Jamie Nicholls’ vlogs or IF3 film selection ‘Misconceptions’, you’ll already be aware of Ross Welch’s work. Ross is a professional skier (sponsored by Atomic & Extreme Sports Network amongst others)  from the UK and in 2014, set up Perspective Studios to tie together his skills in photography and video with his passion for snowsports.

So with no more ado, Perspective studios are a UK based film company specialising in action sports videography and post production carrying out all types of work from season edits to adverts for major brands.

How did it all begin for you ?

Following some major ski injuries, I (Ross Welch) took it upon myself to use the downtime wisely and start learning about videography. I produced my first short film following an ACL tear and this provided the foundation for my filming work.
As the weeks passed and I was back on snow, I naturally took the camera with me. Now juggling freelance filming with my freestyle career.
The plus side to my background as a professional skier meant that I am able to follow other athletes over the jumps with the camera equipment, offering a unique ‘Perspective!’
I now produce annual ski films and corporate work for some of the biggest brands around… as well as holding down my sponsorship agreements for my skiing… as well as being Atomic team manager!

What inspired you to start the company?

The turning point from producing fun videos to a more serious business aspect was really down to the success of the ski movies. The movies are now reaching project views of 150K and an audience reach of 740K. It was these figures that really helped us boost into the snowsports film market and started generating the attention of brands such as Monster, Extreme Sports, GB Park and Pipe etc. Where we then gained commissioned work to produce more regular branded content.

What have Perspective got coming up over the next year?

Well, Its been one busy season thats for sure! We are filming for a number of projects but the ones we are really excited about are, Jamie Nicholls video part and our new film “Enjoy The Ride”!

I’m sure it will be a busy summer with lots of film work but these releases should kick next year off with a bang!

What’s the goal? Where do see Perspective in a few years time?

It’s always tough as things seem to be happening so quickly but I would like to turn Perspective into more of a full production company. Rather than being a ‘1 man band’, it would be nice to employ a couple of filmers, editors, audio technicians so that we can tackle the big full time productions and accept all of the work we are requested to do.

Things are going in the right direction and no complaints so far but I’m sure this will be a steady process to reach the end goal.

What’s your favourite thing about working in the snowsports industry?

It has to be the people. Open minded, genuine and fun! Its been a pleasure working with everyone in the snowsports industry and everyone has a story to tell. From a personal note, being able to travel the world I feel fortunate to see and capture the amazing scenery and be with the brands/ people achieving their goals.

And in case you didn’t know……


Considering our background, it makes sense! We are able to follow a snowsports athlete not only at speed down a slope but also over jumps up to 80ft. Ross says, “Through my career I’ve been expected to hit jumps up to 90ft in a competition and perform a variety of tricks. To follow another athlete with a camera and not perform a trick, seems to make the idea a walk in the park!”

At WMBC, we’re committed to supporting the snow industry and we can’t wait to see what Ross has coming up with ‘Enjoy the Ride’ and in the future.

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