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Ski Seasons 101 – What YOU Should Pack

You’re about to embark on your first/seventh season so you’ll either know what to pack with military precision or you need a few tips. Aside from your board/skis, outerwear and fifty hoodies, what should you fit into your case for the 6 months of snow and good times ahead?


  • Hip flask – days off don’t always come cheap and those little 8 euro bottles of Amaretto are an easy warm up. Maybe bring a spare as your favourite one will inevitably disappear
  • Socks, socks, socks, socks, socks and more socks. It doesn’t matter how many you take, you’ll inexplicably lose all of them and never get them back!
  • Pro-tip – The holy trifecta of Pro-plus, rehydration sachets and Berocca. If you’re getting up to serve breakfast after a night on the Mutzig, get a rehydration pack in you before you go to sleep , a berocca/alka-seltzer in the morning and a couple of pro-plus and you won’t find yourself in the foetal position under the laundry pile with an ashtray for a mouth when you should be getting those face shots you deserve.
  • Laptop with a hard-drive packed with all the ski and snowboarding films you can muster. ENSURE you have GNAR. If you run your own Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club, we always recommend GNAR, Route One or something Brainfarmy in the background.
  • Ski waxing kit – need to make a little money on the side or trade favours for beers? Pretend you’re a ski tech! Mini iron (you don’t REALLY need a specialist one), wax, p-tex candles, a file and a scraper (or piece of perspex/plastic) will suffice.
  • Portable speakers – setting up at the top of the park for the day requires tunes to get you hyped for that backflip.
  • Duct tape – it fixes jackets, salopettes, bindings, Go-Pro mounts or it tapes bottles of wine and cider to your hands
  • An old phone – your iPhone won’t hold up to the battering it’s going to take when you’re crawling around on a toffee vodka soaked floor or faceplanting the knuckle. An old Nokia will serve you just fine
  • Fancy dress – 80’s onesies. ‘Nuff said.

Best thing to take with you? An open attitude – trust us, it’s going to be great.

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