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In the first of our series of showcases on our favourite people in the industry, we have a chat with the guys from Ski The Kingdom about what they’re all about for anybody who has been under a rock and doesn’t know. These boys are a real driving force in the Freeski game in the U.K. so take a read and have a look at what they’ve been up to.

How did STK first come about and why?

It was in 2012 when a group of us were regularly skiing at Tamworth snowdome. We were all really enjoying the collective atmosphere skiing together, pushing and encouraging other and combined with Tamworth’s great park setups and fast rope tow laps, this proved the perfect environment for progression.

We began to film some of the tricks we’d learned and during filming we swapped stories about sessions we’d had at different UK slopes. We were all really passionate about skiing in the UK and wanted to support and promote it. We gave ourselves the goal of making an edit at every UK dome and dryslope, first starting with Tamworth.

Over the past few years STK has evolved into a project that aims to support, promote and develop the UK freeski scene as best we can.

What’s your favourite edit or event STK has been a part of so far?

It’s hard to choose as we’ve been really lucky and have had some incredible opportunities. Our first episode ‘Have Snow Will Shovel’  is a particular favourite. It shows a week of urban adventures in the UK, back when we had a few inches of snow in 2013. The week filming the video was a real team effort, there were lots of late nights building features together, pulling each other in to rails and at the end were all really proud of what we had produced. The episode really showcases what STK is all about, making the most of what we have in the UK.

Most recently we filmed alongside the Real Skifi crew during their UK trip and to see firsthand the effort and dedication the Real Skifi guys put in to every shot was really incredible. We were all really excited to see what they would make of our UK facilities and really couldn’t believe some of the setups and tricks they created. We recently released our behind the scenes edit from the trip next week and this is another video we’re really proud of


In terms of events, this year we worked with the fantastic team at The Snow Centre to put on the first Ski The Kingdom signature session. To see skiers of all ages and abilities getting involved and enjoying the session was a great feeling and really meant a lot to all of us.

Why is promoting UK skiing so important?

UK skiers are so passionate and it’s great to see the UK freeski community going from strength to strength every year. We’re really lucky to have so many incredible and unique facilities in the UK, especially as we can ski all year round for a fraction of the cost of travelling abroad.

The UK offers so much potential to progress your skiing. At any dome or dryslope freestyle night you can lap the park once every minute with your friends right next to you on the lift cheering and encouraging you to land new tricks.

It’s so important as for many of the UK freeski community as we’re not able to spend more than a few weeks in the mountains every year and without our domes and dryslopes the majority of UK freeskiers wouldn’t be able to ski anywhere near as much as we can now and what’s more we wouldn’t have all the friends we’ve made and new tricks we’ve learned from skiing all year round in the UK.

What are your plans for the future?

We’re always discussing new ideas and new projects we’d like to do with the main goal always being to support the UK freeski community as best we can.

Currently our main focus is the Ski The Kingdom film which we’re hoping to release in autumn 2016. It’s something we’ve talked about since the very first days of STK and we’ve got some really exciting ideas which we’re hoping to make a reality.

You can keep up with all we’re up to during production at our Facebook page…



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