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You may have been wondering what we’ve been up to lately, and if you have then you’ve come to the right place.

We started up WMBC Clothing because leaving our season memories as just memories wasn’t enough. We saw no reason why we couldn’t live the dream and support the snowsports industry at the same time and whilst it has taken a huge amount of work, thousands of Facebook messages between the team (52k at the last count), it’s been worth every second!

So what have we been upto since you last heard from us?

You may have noticed it took us until the end of the season to finally get our riding hoodies sorted. They’re launching in the next week and we’re delighted with how they’ve turned out. But, there are a couple of good reasons for the lateness – 1) They’re really, really, really good 2) We have suffered setback after setback and had to restart the process at least 4 times as of May 2015. This past season has been a huge learning curve for all of us but every time we’ve hit a snag, we’ve not let ourselves be discouraged and we’ve found a way to push on.

But what about new products I hear you ask? Hoodies, tees and beanies are the base of our range but what comes next? We’re going to be releasing 2 completely new items  and a number of iterations of existing ones for the upcoming winter. We’re refining our designs and features and you’ll definitely start to see more and more of the WMBC personality and flair come out in the new season range.

We’ve started planning for the summer and upcoming season with snowdomes, organisations, universities and charities around the country to set up appearances, jam sessions, tours, sponsorships and much more. The best way for you guys to experience WMBC is to meet us so that’s exactly what we’re doing – keep your eyes out for us at a dome near you in the coming months. We’ll be appearing at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show in Battersea Park in October so come over and find us next to the slope!

We’ve also started working on our rep program. We are looking for seasonaires to represent the WMBC brand and lifestyle around the world for the 2016/17 season (that’s Southern Hemisphere too!). If you know anyone who might be interested in making a bit of money on the side and getting some strong WMBC gear, give us a shout on info@wmbcclothing.com – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Finally, our sponsored rider, Tom Smith (check out his instagram @pointlessphoto), came home with the Gold from the Big Air competition at BUSC Event’s Above and Below in Alpe’d’Huez a couple of weeks back. We’re delighted to be working with such a talented skier and we’re looking forward to what the new season brings. We’ll be adding to our roster over the next few months so watch this space.

So as we build up to the new season, you’ll be hearing a great deal more from us and don’t forget, we’ve got 33% off all tees and beanies in our End of Season sale

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