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Winter is upon us! The heating has gone on, the ski and board reviews are clogging your Facebook feed (check out The Blackboard Experiment if you’re of a mind), some of your friends are posting about heading back out to the mountains imminently (b*stards) and what’s that? WMBC have a new collection? Delicious.

It has been an extremely challenging year for the WMBC team. Being spread out across the UK means everything is still done by instant messaging whilst we have come up against numerous challenges across everything from suppliers to finance to the Royal Mail!

We all have full time jobs so everything you know and love about WMBC Clothing is achieved after work, in the small hours of the morning or at weekends when we could be relaxing. And full disclosure on this one – everything you see is funded by the four of us! We’ve scrimped and saved and worked hard but we are delighted with the new collection and how far we’ve come as a small brand.

We’ve partnered with Jibworx and Wasteland Ski on a University Tour (you’ll see us at Loughborough, Oxford and hopefully some of the Scottish unis later this year), we have a resort rep programme (drop us an email if you’re interested), a burgeoning team of riders from across the UK in both ski and board and we had a very successful time at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show in late October.

We decided on the new products because we wanted to do something a little different to what we had already so we’ve expanded into shirts and jackets. Keeping close to our strengths and core design principles of simplicity, clean lines and not skimping on style for functionality (or vice versa), we took influences from classic fashion, ski fashion and simply just what we like to wear. We hope you’re as happy with the results as we are. The team are growing as designers and we are starting to find out feet when it comes to putting together exactly what we want, even if there are arguments about colour!

WMBC Coaches Jacket

Things are very much moving and we have some exciting projects lined up for winter but we need your support to keep this going. Tell your friends or drop us a share on social media – we’re only as good as the community that surrounds us and your support over the last 18months has been invaluable.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you this winter!

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